A Lasting Influence

Bob Eastman

Reviewed in this article

A Lasting Influence
Ask Katzeff, Bart van der Steen, and Leender van Hoogenhuize

When radicals in North America look towards Europe, a movement that often captures our excitement is the squatters movement. In anarchist circles, the movement has attained an almost mythical status. Its history of spectacular militant confrontations with the police, seizing of space, and proliferation of social centres and alternative cultural institutions is legendary. The mythology has been built by stories shared among comrades, pieces scattered across zines, and via the niche genre of anarchist travelogues.1 The mythology has further benefited from the simple fact that until recently, there have been relatively few accessible books published in English, and those that had been available focused primarily on the events of the 1980s, which do not cover recent changes in the squatting movement.2

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