Relationships of Resistance: An Interview with Yavar Hameed

Lydia Dobson

Yavar Hameed is an Ottawa-based lawyer specializing in immigration detention, citizenship, and security certificates. He is well-known for addressing systemic racism and Islamophobia in many legal cases with people such as Mohamed Harkat (who was under a security certificate) and Abousfian Abdelrazik (who was denied return to Canada for 5 years). In addition, he actively assists clients facing Candian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) interviews related to matters of national security. Hameed’s approach to legal advocacy is unique in that it is collaborative with solidarity groups and activists organizing in immigration and refugee justice. In this interview, he reflects on the dynamics of the relations between legal and extralegal forms of resistance. Lydia Dobson interviewed Hameed during the winter of 2017.

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