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    Marxism, Anarchism, & the Genealogy of “Socialism From Below”

    It is Marxism itself, in what was the best and most revolutionary in it, namely its pitiless denunciations of hollow phrases and ideologies and its insistence on permanent self-criticism, which compels us to take stock of what Marxism has become in real life. -Cornelius Castoriadis, The Fate of Marx…

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    Sex, Race and Class

    Selma James is an organizer with the Crossroads Women’s Centre in London, England. Her activism reaches back to the 1950s when she participated in the Johnson-Forest Tendency, (along with CLR James, Raya Dunayevskaya, Marty Glaberman and Grace Lee Boggs. She is well known for critiquing the short-...

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    Anti-Globalization and “Diversity of Tactics”

    Introduction The recent wave of protests that have swept across the world under the banner of “anti-globalization” have recaptured the left’s imagination, shattering the illusions of inevitability cast by neo-liberal magicians. The images and slogans from Seattle, Québec City, Prague, and Gen…

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    The Politics of Revolution

    Learning from Autonomist Marxism

    Introduction: Not All Power to Capital Autonomist Marxism can be seen as a form of Marxism that focuses on developing working class autonomy and power in a capitalist society that is constituted by and through class struggle. One of the strengths of autonomist Marxism is its critique of political ec…