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    You Get Exactly What You Fight For and Nothing More

    Drug User Organizing in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

    Safer injection facilities provide critical resources for people who have been systematically marginalized. In Canada, organizing efforts in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside have been at the forefront of drug user advocacy. David Hugill and Michael C.K. Ma interviewed Ann Livingston in the summer of 2017 and discussed her organizing career and the contemporary overdose crisis.

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    Drawing Common Ground

    An Interview with Lara Bee of the Beehive Design Collective

    The Beehive Design Collective uses visual imagery to record and circulate histories of struggle in order to raise awareness about systems of exploitation, build connections between oppressed groups, and inspire new directions for movements. Over the past ten years, the collective’s graphic design…

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    Wall Street is a Way of Organizing Nature

    An interview with Jason Moore

    Jason W. Moore is a world historian and political economist in the Department of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies, and Umea? Studies in Science, Technology, and Environments, at Umea? University in Sweden. H e has published widely on globalization, the history of capitalism, and envi…

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    Spectrum: Autists and Activism

    An Interview with Joe Biel

    Joe Biel ( founded Microcosm Publishing in 1996. His neighbours were unionized, working-class Democrats who helped establish his early interest in leftist politics. However, it was not until his teens when he discovered punk rock, and later with the founding of Microcosm Publishing, that…

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    Relationships of Resistance

    An Interview with Yavar Hameed

    Yavar Hameed is an Ottawa-based lawyer specializing in immigration detention, citizenship, and security certificates. He is well-known for addressing systemic racism and Islamophobia in many legal cases with people such as Mohamed Harkat (who was under a security certificate) and Abousfian Abdelrazi…

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    From Recognition to Decolonization

    An Interview with Glen Coulthard

    Glen Coulthard is a member of the Yellowknives Dene First Nation and an associate professor of political science and Indigenous studies at the University of British Colombia in Vancouver. Coulthard’s recent book, Red Skin, White Masks: Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition (2014) is an incisive critique of Canadian settler colonialism that centres Indigenous peoples’ resistance to the state and capital.

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    Building Community, Building Resistance: Black Lives Matter-Toronto

    An interview with Sandy Hudson

    In the past year, Black Lives Matter-Toronto (BLM-TO) has emerged at the forefront of organizing against anti-Black racism in the Toronto Area, adding a new chapter to the history of Black resistance in this city. Started initially by organizing vigils for Black people killed by police in the US and…

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    Unpacking Inclusion and Building Queer(er) Alliances: An interview with OmiSoore H. Dryden & Suzanne Lenon

    Since its first articulation in 2007, Jasbir Puar’s concept of “homonationalism” has been widely used by queer theorists and activists to understand, resist, and build alternatives to the cooptation of queer existence by neoliberalism. Disrupting Queer Inclusion: Canadian Homonationalisms and…

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    Grassroots Theory: 10 Years of Upping the Anti: An interview with Sharmeen Khan

    Issue One of Upping the Anti (UTA) came out in the spring of 2005. For more than 10 years, the journal has carried on through many shifts in the movement landscape as well as internal organizational changes. What can we learn from the first decade of UTA? To delve into this question, long-time advis…

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    Collective Action Behind Bars

    A history of jail solidarity and its importance for today's social change movements

    UTA NOTE: With the Republican and Democratic Conventions just weeks away, Upping the Anti is pleased to pre-release Kris Hermes article on jail solidarity. Feel free to download this article as a pamphlet to distribute here You can also download a screen-friendly version here. About the author: Kris…