The Charter of Quebec Values, Intersectionality & Being a Black Feminist in Montreal

An Interview with Délice Igicari Mugabo

Délice Igicari Mugabo (@UwokwaMugabo) is a Black feminist activist based in Montreal, Québec and member of C-Uni-T,1 which helped to organize “Create Dangerously,”the 2013 Congress of Black Writers and Artists at McGill University. Her research interests focus on Black girls’ identity formation, social transformations within Québec Black communities, and interactions between Black peoples in the Americas. A former member of the Federation of Women of Québec (Fédération des femmes du Québec, or FFQ), one of the oldest and most established feminist organizations in Québec, she remains active within the FFQ’s Committee of Racialized Women. She was one of the spokespersons and part of the steering committee that organized the historic States-General of feminist action and analysis (États généraux, or ÉG),2 a two-year process that engaged women from all over Québec to review feminist action and analysis, and develop perspectives for years to come. In the spring of 2014, Roshan Jahangeer interviewed Délice for Upping the Anti.

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