Energizing the Climate Movement

The news is in, and it’s good (sort of). Although the world is in dire circumstances, an increasing number of mainstream and progressive people are making statements that would have shocked radical environmentalists and anti-capitalists 20 years ago. The UN is calling for a mass transition away from fossil fuels, nearly half a million people took to the streets during the People’s Climate March in September 2014 for a democratic shift towards sustainable and resilient systems, and organizations like the Sierra Club are embracing direct action.

The People’s Climate March demonstrated that a critical mass of people who understand the peril and urgency of our current reality exists. Greenwashing has pretended to answer these concerns with a myth of technological saviours that are deemed to be “green,” “clean,” and “renewable.” This article is an attempt to respond to the insidious practices of greenwashing so that activists who live outside of the frontlines of industrial impacts can strategize effectively with frontline communities.

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