Join the UTA Sustainers Program

Join the UTA Sustainers Program!

Upping the Anti is published by an all-volunteer editorial collective, and we rely on our community of readers to sustain our work. We launched the Sustainers Program to develop a steady and consistent funding stream from which to expand our operations. Our goal is to find 100 people who will donate $10 a month to the project. In order for UTA to succeed and grow, we need a reliable and stable financial basis upon which we can hire staff to help us with financial and admin tasks.

This model works by directly debiting your bank account on the first of every month for the amount that you sign up for. If you value grassroots theory and the conversations that take place within the pages of Upping the Anti, please consider donating $5–$20 per month to sustain the journal.

All sustainers will receive our eternal thanks and a subscription to the journal (we’ll send you everything we publish).

Click here to download the word document with the required form that we need filled out for the pre-authorized payment plan. The most important information is your signature, the amount a month you want to give, your bank account number, the five digit transit number, and the three digit institution number of your bank. If you look at this image file, you can see where that information is displayed on a check from your account. We are asking you to attach a voided check so we can make sure that the banking information is correct. Please print out the form, fill it out, and mail it back to us at:

UTA Publications,
998 Bloor St. West,
P.O. Box 10571
Toronto, ON, M6H 4H9

Thank you so much for you support!

The UTA Editorial Committee