Help! We’ve Been Robbed (by capitalism)

Hi everyone!
It’s been an exciting 6 months since Issue 16 has been published. We have gotten a lot of positive response from the issue and are gearing up to publish issue 17.

Sadly, we experienced a major setback last November, when the apartment of one of the editorial members was robbed. The person not only helped themselves to personal items, but saw the box of Upping the Anti’s and possibly thought, “Hmm…some free theory! Might as well grab this.” At the bottom of that box was our cashbox containing around $3000 of the funds we raised through tabling and fundraisers.

The only witness to the robbery, the kitten named Biggie Smalls, refuses to answer any questions.


If you know anything about independent, radical publishing, you’ll know that the cash we lost was badly needed to pay our printing costs and keep the journal afloat. Without those funds to pay our last printer bill, we’ll need to delay printing issue 17 until we can pay it off.

Please help:
1. Donate to Upping the Anti: Any small contribution will help as we try to make up the shortfall. You can donate online through Paypal or send us funds through the mail. Our mailing address is below. To donate online, go here.

2. Renew your subscription or buy a gift subscription for a comrade: Upping the Anti gets more return from individual or organizational subscriptions rather than from bookstore sales.

3. Become a sustainer: As a sustainer, you can give as little as $5/month. Sustainers are invaluable to the running of our journal. To become one, please go here..

4. Spread the Word: Please forward this message to your friends with a personal appeal if you really want to see issue 17 published. We are hoping one of you has a personal contact with someone rich like Sean Penn!
Thanks so much!

The Editors of Upping the Anti