The “I (heart) Alt Media” party

What: The “I (heart) Alt Media” party
When: Thursday March 25th @ 9pm
Where: Cinecycle 129 Spadina Avenue,
Near Queen and Spadina
Who: Featuring woot-woot-artists like Garbageface, John Rose,
Anand Rajaram, Kay Pettigrew, Bob Wiseman, D’bi Young,
and DJ Nick Red & DJ B#
Why: Because you love alt media

Usually finding good news is harder than finding a good party.

Luckily on Thursday, March 25th, you’re going to be able to find both.

That night Groundwire, Upping the Anti and the Toronto Media Co-op are hosting an epic, fun-filled evening with music, drinks, an art auction by artist CoCo., a raffle and other awesome events in order to raise as much money as we can. The G20 is coming to Toronto in late June 2010 and we are trying to set up the infrastructure necessary to cover it. We need journalists, writers, equipment, publications and cash to make it all happen.

We are hoping you can help us out.

Our goal for the G20 is to provide a platform to provide daily analysis and updates using both audio, video and feeds. Our goal for the evening is to dance, have tons o’ fun and make a lot of money.

Don’t know much about the Toronto Media Co-op, Upping the Anti or Ground Wire? Websites and a short description of the various media projects can be found below.

Get ready for a night to remember. See you on the 25th!


Upping the Anti, Toronto Media Co-op and Ground Wire

alt_media_promo.pdf for download

Toronto Media Co-op -

Part of the national Media Co-op initiative that is reader-funded and member run. Relying on hundreds of volunteers for grassroots news reporting in Toronto and the surrounding area.

GroundWire -

GroundWire is national community news show out of the National Community Radio Association that provides grassroots coverage of local issues with progressive perspectives on national and international news. With participating community radio stations, activists submit stories or features to the twice-monthly radio show that is completely volunteer run.
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Upping the Anti -

Upping the Anti is a journal of theory and action that provides interviews, roundtables and articles for the radical left in Canada