• Roundtable

    A Culture of Resistance

    Lessons Learned from the Student Liberation Action Movement

    In March 1995, 20,000 students from City University of New York (CUNY) were attacked by police after surrounding city hall to protest a draconian tuition increase. This protest, organized by the CUNY Coalition Against the Cuts, marked an upsurge in student movement activity that continued into 1996,...

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    Eastern Promises

    A Discussion with the Halifax Coalition Against Poverty

    The Halifax Coalition Against Poverty (HCAP) is a grassroots, direct-action, anti-poverty organization active in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The largest city in Atlantic Canada, Halifax (and Nova Scotia more generally) is nevertheless part of the Canadian state’s periphery. It is a province whose popula…

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    Roundtable on G8 Resistance

    Perspectives for the Next Phase of Global Anti-capitalist Uprisings

    Next year marks the 10th anniversary of the Battle of Seattle. It will also mark the first meeting of the G8 in Italy since 2001. During the time between the WTO meeting in 1999 and the G8 meeting in Genoa in 2001 everything seemed possible. Social justice movements everywhere seemed to be on the ri…

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    Raising the Roof

    Housing Activism in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

    Of all the socio-economic problems facing residents of Vancouver, housing is the number one issue on almost everyone’s mind these days. Homelessness is rising at alarming rates, and nowhere is this felt more acutely than in Vancouver’s most impoverished neighbourhood, the Downtown Eastside (DTES…

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    Prison Abolition in Canada

    Arising from and extending the life of slavery’s economy, the modern prison-industrial complex continues to earn the rage of abolitionists worldwide. Like anti-slavery abolitionists before them, prison or penal abolitionists seek to make redundant an institution most people - including many leftis…

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    The Six Nations Land Reclamation

    Upping the Anti is pleased to bring you a roundtable discussing the important land reclamation being carried out by the Six Nations people of the Grand River Territory and the role of non-native solidarity work in that struggle. To begin with, Tom Keefer provides a brief overview of recent events su…

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    Fighting Borders: A Roundtable on Non-Status (Im)migrant Justice in Canada

    In June of 2005, Montreal’s Solidarity Across Borders (a broad coalition comprised of refugees, non-status immigrants, and their supporters) organized a walk from Montreal to Ottawa to push for four key demands: an end to all deportations, an end to the detentions of immigrants and refugees, an en…

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    Roundtable on Anti-War Organizing in Canada

    This roundtable is an attempt to address some of the issues currently facing anti-war (and, more broadly, anti-occupation) organizing within the Canadian state. While obviously not a representative sample of the diverse collectives and organizations that comprise the Canadian anti-war movement, thes…

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    Perspectives on Palestine Solidarity Organizing

    With the brutal repression of Palestinian uprisings by the Israeli state now giving way to a more subtle, and less news-making, regime of occupation, Upping the Anti asked several of Canada’s most committed Palestine solidarity activists to discuss some of the obstacles and accomplishments they fa…

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    The Question of Revolutionary Organization

    with Robbie Mahood, Jeff Shantz and Indu Vashist

    That we have recently seen an important radicalization can be registered in the rising appeal and relative rejuvenation of anti-capitalist politics and perspectives, particularly in the anti-globalization and anti-war movements. While there has been a notable downturn in the last couple of years, as…