Arcane Activists and Psychical Politics

Review of Erica Lagalisse' Occult Features of Anarchism

I will preface this review by saying I am not an initiate of occult, academic, or anarchist sects. Having consistently lacked the discipline to commit myself to rigorous studies of anything, it has been by way of fleeting interest that I have come to possess some knowledge of the aforementioned fields. I came to my brief studies of the occult while studying poetry, specifically the poems of W.B. Yeats, who was a member of the Golden Dawn. In researching the Golden Dawn and elements of occult symbolism in the poetry of Yeats, I began to read Rosicrucians, Christian mystics, and modern magicians. I was enthralled by the prospect of being in a world where love was the moving force and imagination knew no bounds, including those of physicality, and I considered that one way this could be achieved was by magical processes. When I became involved with an anarchist collective a few years later, I saw the conjunction of these two ways of thinking; both anarchists and occultists were (mostly) looking to build a better world for all. So I began to muse on the intersections of spirituality and activist actions and how they could be fused to facilitate a new world.

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