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Upping the Anti is a radical journal published twice a year by a collective of activists and organizers. We are dedicated to publishing radical theory and analysis about struggles against capitalism, imperialism and all forms of oppression.

Since our debut in 2005, we’ve published articles by and interviews with renowned activists and intellectuals, including Aijaz Ahmad, Himani Bannerji, Grace Lee Boggs, Ward Churchill, Michael Hardt, John Holloway, Sunera Thobani, Deborah Gould, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Eli Clare.

We have covered a wide range of topics including Palestine solidarity activism, the strengths and weaknesses of the contemporary anti-war movement, trans politics and anti-capitalism, disability struggles, Indigenous solidarity, contemporary feminist organizing, activist burnout, the dynamics of the animal liberation movement, and the contradictions and challenges facing student organizing.

Upping the Anti is a non-sectarian publication open to a wide range of political perspectives. In every issue, activists and organizers reflect on contemporary social justice movements, in Canada and beyond. We publish theoretical and critical articles, interviews, roundtables and book reviews. We deliberately seek out the divergent positions in political debates and work toward their productive resolution. Our goals are to create a space for activist reflexivity and to build political resources for people trying to understand and change the world.

Your support will help us continue to dialogue, grow, and resist together. 

In solidarity and struggle,
The Upping the Anti Editorial Committee