November 15, 2023

The way we share information with each other is rigged. And that’s why, today, a coalition of 20 local, regional, and national media outlets from across Canada launched, a news platform that provides up-to-the-hour news from across the country.

Unrigged is a non-profit journalism collaboration featuring 20 award-winning publishers of online articles and op-eds, print magazines, community newspapers, and podcasts covering news and current events across Canada including:

The Maple and The Progress Report in Alberta

Briarpatch and The Sask Dispatch in Saskatchewan

The Hoser, Upping the Anti, Midnight Sun, and The Grind in Ontario

Harbinger, À bâbord, The Rover, and Co-op de Solidarité Pivot in Québec

The NB Media Co-op in New Brunswick

The Independent in Newfoundland

National publishers include The Breach Media, The Resolve, Ricochet Media, The Media Co-op, Canadian Dimension, and Press Progress.

Developed to address the challenges posed by the Online News Act and Meta’s Canadian news ban, Unrigged and its founding partner publications pull together editorial content curated from a range of independent media outlets across the country increasing the collective reach and impact of community media in Canada for a cumulative audience of over a million readers.

As a collective initiative and strategic alliance that promotes member publications’ content, Unrigged is designed to help readers receive the information and perspectives they want on the issues that matter to them in the new normal of Canada’s Bill C-18 reality.