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    Dalit Liberation and the Shadow Cast(e) by Class

    India’s caste system is often incorrectly viewed as a relic of the past. When confronted with evidence of discrimination, harassment, inequality, and violence caused by casteism, both outside observers and upper-caste Indian citizens brush it off as a “backward” practice, subscribed to only by…

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    Fighting Form

    Beyond the Party in Kurdistan

    The monsters that have risen to define the post-crisis epoch are the formidable new authors of unimaginable dread. The current state of politics almost everywhere is defined by the rise of Trumps, Le Pens, and Erdo?ans. Yet since the fissures and fault lines of neoliberalism became visible in the op…

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    Spoiled Opportunities

    Insights from the 2015 Strikes at York University and the University of Toronto

    Employers are clever. They use the fact that public services are increasingly financed through regressive user fees instead of progressive taxation to divide us­—we are either taxpayers wanting more services for every dollar we pay, or workers defending undue corporatist privileges causing defici…

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    Autonomist Marxism and Workplace Organizing in Canada in the 1970s

    Autonomist Marxism, from its headwaters in the early 1960s workers’ struggles and Marxist circles in Italy to multiple, diverse social movement/Marxist/feminist spaces in many countries, has developed into a significant current in the global anti-capitalist, anti-oppression project for social tran…

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    The Interpersonal is Political: Lessons from Indigenous Solidarity Organizing

    Reflections on Union Activism and Indigenous Solidarity Work

    I’m in the Home Hardware in Sioux Lookout, nearly 1,750km from my Toronto home, arguing over a pickaxe. I’m overcome with worry as I stare in disbelief at its price tag and mentally calculate what my group has spent so far in the trip and what is left. While I anxiously negotiate our budgeting,...

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    Gaza, Lynchings, and the Genocidal Logics of Settler Colonialism

    How do we make sense of the Israeli massacres in Gaza during the summer of 2014? The searing images of the destruction of Palestinian life and the scenes of an incremental colonial genocide still pulsate, assault, and force one into silence. Words cannot fully describe the aggression that began on J…

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    Energizing the Climate Movement

    The news is in, and it’s good (sort of). Although the world is in dire circumstances, an increasing number of mainstream and progressive people are making statements that would have shocked radical environmentalists and anti-capitalists 20 years ago. The UN is calling for a mass transition away fr…

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    Students Not Investors

    The Human Capital We Don’t Want to Become

    In 2012, Québec’s Liberal government, led by Jean Charest, defended a raise in tuition fees of $1625 over five years as a historic student strike roared across the province. Their arguments were simple: given that higher education almost inevitably leads to better job prospects and higher income,...

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    Organizing Against Climate Catastrophe

    The forces responsible for changing the climate and endangering the future of humanity have names, names including Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Saudi Aramco, and Petróleos de Venezuela. They are the predominant names responsible for playing havoc with our collective future. In fact, two-thirds of historic…

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    Liberatory Midwifery: Towards People-Powered Health Care

    Despite a history embedded in social movements, Registered Midwifery is now situated in petty bourgeois professionalism and biomedical practice. Following the medically-unattended home birth of my daughter in 1997, I became involved in the struggle for legalized and publicly-funded midwifery. I beli…