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    Organizing in Crisis: Ten Years After the OCAP March on Queen’s Park

    On July 21 of this year, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) rallied outside the Ministry of Community and Social Services in Toronto. We were challenging the Ontario government’s brutal elimination of the Special Diet for those who are forced to survive on sub-poverty welfare and dis…

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    Bringing Together the Grassroots: A Strategy and a Story from Toronto's G20 Protests

    When the location of the 2010 G8summit was announced, many grassroots organizers in Toronto were wary. Some were concerned that such protests would weaken local organizing and lead to serious repression against the communities of poor people and immigrants we work with. As a member of the Ontario Co…

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    After December: Spatial Legacies of the 2008 Athens Uprising

    The cold-blooded police killing of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos in the Athens neighbourhood of Exarcheia on December 6, 2008 sparked an unprecedented wave of protests and rioting. These protests quickly spread not only throughout Athens and the majority of Greek cities but also beyond the co…

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    Marxism, Indigenous Struggles, and the Tragedy of “Stagism”

    The 2008 publication of Frances Widdowson and Albert Howard’s Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry: The Deception Behind Indigenous Cultural Preservation ignited a firestorm of controversy. The Globe and Mail, the National Post, and the Ottawa Citizen all published glowing reviews of the book, while…

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    Co-opting Capitalism: Avatar and the Thing Itself

    “Our motto must be: reform of consciousness not through dogmas, but by analyzing the mystical consciousness that is unintelligible to itself… It will then become evident that the world has long dreamed of possessing something of which it has only to be conscious in order to possess it in reality…

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    We are the Student Movement?

    Remembering the Rise and Fall of the Canadian Union of Students, 1965-1969

    In Canada today, the terms “student government” and “student movement” are considered synonymous. At least this is how the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) promotes itself. “We are the student movement,” their slogan goes. Yet glossy stock photos of the same old CFS staffers holding…

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    "Where is John Wayne when you need him?"

    Anti-Native Organizing and the “Caledonia Crisis”

    The Six Nations people of the Grand River Territory have been faced with a steadily increasing level of anti-Native organizing since they began the reclamation of the Douglas Creek Estates housing development in Caledonia in February 2006. This situation returned to the media spotlight in June 2009,...

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    Campus Israel advocacy and the politics of “dialogue”

    The full PDF version of this article is freely available by clicking here. In the early months of 2006, Israel advocacy groups at the University of Toronto had a problem on their hands. The previous year, the Arab Students’ Collective had organized a series of educational events under the banner o…

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    The Three Way Fight Debate

    For over a generation, the decline of anti-colonial liberation struggles inspired by socialism has coincided with the rise of new forms of anti-imperialist mobilization in Western Asia. Beginning in 1979 with the Iranian revolution, and continuing in the present with national liberation struggles le…

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    Into a Black Hole

    Tar Sands and Oil Production in Western Canada

    When I moved from British Columbia to Alberta recently, I discovered that the political realities of one province are largely unknown to those living in the other. In BC, oil is seen as a scheme hatched by mad cowboys that has little effect on the mountainous peace of the West coast. Similarly, when…